Meet Ariana



Looks like:



Estimated age:


Pincher Chihuahua Cross



4 years


About Ariana

House Trained




Prefers home with

Cuddles, play, walks (good with other dogs)

Meet Ariana

Hello dear people, I am Ariana. My caretakers describe me as ‘simply amazing’, but I’m sure you would like some extra details. So who am I?

A loving little lady of around 3-4 years old who is gorgeous inside and out:

I don’t only look adorable, but I also have a very sweet and gentle personality. Everyone I meet says that I am an easy dog to have around and that I have a beautiful energy. 

A proud and loving mom of 6 little ones:

I was found under a bush together with my 6 puppies. Luckily we were all able to move to the shelter where we would be safe and where I could take care of my children even better. And yes, I made sure that they all are as sweet and handsome as me. 😊 

They are now old enough to find a forever home for themselves, so it’s time for me as well to look forward to the future. 

A social and loyal friend:

I get along very well with both humans and other dogs and I enjoy being in their company. So spending quality time with my friends is one of my favourite activities. Especially when there are lots of cuddles involved. 

A connoisseur of the good things in life:

I know how to enjoy all the great things life has to offer. And no, it’s nothing extravagant. I love treats, good company, cuddles, … 

I’m not claiming to be perfect, but I do believe that I will bring lots of positive energy to my new home.

There are more photos and videos of our rescue dogs on our Facebook page.

♡ ARIANA, 4 years, Female, SH: 32 cm / H: 40 cm / L: 54 cm, travels from CYPRUS fully vaccinated with all vet/health/blood tests, neutered, microchipped, EU passport.


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