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Kokoni Cross



4 Years


About CANE

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Love, cuddles, play, routine & calm


Hello everyone, I am Cane, a young dog with lots of personality. 

I was rescued from a kill shelter in Cyprus and currently live with a foster family in Germany. But you know what they say: there’s no place like a forever home. 

So what, and of course who, would I like to find in my future home? If you’re a family with a super active lifestyle, then I’m sorry to say you won’t be a good match for me. No marathon walks for this little guy. 😁 I prefer shorter walks or trips to the doggy park. Other things I like to do are playing with my ball or being outside in the garden, just strolling around or relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. 

Something else I love are clear boundaries and consistency. It’s very confusing for me when the house rules change all the time. So if there are children in the household, I would prefer them to be older. 

I can be anxious when I encounter new people and new situations, but once I get to know you and trust you, I will love getting lots of cuddles and attention from you. That’s why I wouldn’t mind being the only dog in the house. More quality with my human friends for me. 

I’m aware that I’ll probably come across as very choosy, but know that I am a dog with a heart in the right place. All I want is a home with human friends who will accept me just as I am, but who will also set clear boundaries. 

(SH: 39 cm / H: 45 cm / L: 62 cm) 

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