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Beautiful Cross



9 Years


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Good but Leish Positive

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Cuddles, love, walks


Hello everyone, my name is Chop. I am a handsome boy with a calm and very loving personality. I’m 9 years old, but don’t let that fool you. I’m still active and a happy, bouncy boy!

The advantage of being older is that you have learned to recognise and appreciate the finer things in life, such as good company. 

When I arrived at the shelter, I turned out to be a real charmer. I love giving kisses to everyone, including my best doggy friend Zac. You can’t say I didn’t warn you when I overload you with kisses. 

Something else you’ll love to hear about me is that I passed my cat test with flying colours. I’m just kind to everyone.  And did the shelter volunteers tell you about my silky soft fur … they just love giving me hugs! 

I was in a bad shape when I was found wandering alone on the streets. 

When I was taken to the vet to treat my wounds, it was also confirmed that I was bitten by a sandfly and got leishmania. I received treatment for this and it is now dormant and under control. Leishmania is controllable and NOT life shortening if monitored correctly, I do need to take inexpensive medication to make sure that the disease stays dormant and under control. My rescuers are very knowledgeable on this leishmania disease which is not transmittable and they tell me not to worry at all because with blood tests twice a year to monitor treatment, I will live a long and happy life!

The only thing that is missing in my life is a place that I can call my home, but I hope that that will change soon. 

 (SH: 53 cm / H: 65 cm / L: 80 cm) 

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