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Pocket Pointer


Cyprus in foster home

3 years

Small Medium


House Trained



Good (see description)

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Love, cuddles, walk, play


Hello everyone, I am Esther, a 3 year old Pocket Pointer. My name means ‘star’ and according to my foster family, it fits me perfectly.

But what exactly makes me a real star? I think that my outer beauty speaks for itself (I especially get compliments about my beautiful eyes and floppy ears. 😊), so let’s focus on my personality.

I am loving, charming, social towards humans and other dogs, loyal, fun-loving, intelligent and I admit, a bit cheeky from time to time. Life shouldn’t always be taken seriously. 😉

Next to all these wonderful personality features, I am also bringing along a few skills to my new home: I am housetrained and I give amazing cuddles.

I was rescued on Easter Day 2023, so that’s a day that will always be special for me. But I would love to add a few more important dates to my little list, like the day when I hear that I have been adopted and especially the day I will move into my forever home.

I’m currently staying with a wonderful foster family in Cyprus (the same people who rescued me), but they will be moving in the near future and can’t take me with them. But I will be forever grateful for them for all the love and care they gave me. And for their patience. I am still quite shy around people I don’t know, but it usually doesn’t take long for me to show (and impress) you with my amazing personality.

If having to survive on the streets wasn’t bad enough luck, I was also bitten by a sandfly and got Leishmania for which I received treatment and it is now dormant and under control. Leishmania is controllable and NOT life shortening if monitored correctly. I do need to take inexpensive medication to make sure that the disease stays dormant and under control. My rescuers are very knowledgeable on this Leishmania disease which is not transmittable and they tell me not to worry at all because with blood tests twice a year to monitor treatment, I will live a long and happy life!

A life that I would love to share with a wonderful family who won’t only open their home for me, but also their heart.

There are more photos and videos of our rescue dogs on our Facebook page.

♡ ESTHER, 3 Years, Female, Pocket Pointer, 15kg, travels from CYPRUS fully vaccinated with all vet/health/blood tests, neutered, microchipped, EU passport.


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