Looks like:



Estimated age:


Pointer Cross


Belgium (Foster home in Mons)

4 Years

Medium 18 kg


House Trained



Good, recovered from leg surgery

Prefers home with

Love, cuddles, play, walks


Hello everyone, my name is JASPER💚, which means ‘bringer of treasure’. And my gentle, loving personality is definitely something to treasure. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a charmer. I win everybody (cats included) over with my sweet character… and my beautiful eyes. 😊

When I was rescued, I was in a very bad state. Both my back legs were broken in several places and my hip joints were dislocated. I survived many weeks on the streets in this condition before I was rescued.In the meantime I have undergone 4 operations.

Those surgeries didn’t only take away the pain, they also gave me my freedom back. The freedom to play with my doggy friends. The freedom to walk up to my human friends to ask for more cuddles and ear rubs. The freedom to accompany my friends on walks and all kinds of adventures. Because of my past injuries I may not be marathon athlete or might not be able to climb Mount Everest, but I still love to be active, go on longer walks and play like the fun playful boy I am! In other words, I’m enjoying all the fun things in life again that a young dog like me should be enjoying.

A few weeks ago, I moved in with a wonderful foster family close to Mons (Belgium), but I would really love to find a forever home.

My foster family agrees that I will make an amazing addition to my new family:

‘’Jasper is a very loving and social dog who loves going on walks and playing, but is also calm and balanced. And he loves cuddling on the couch. 😊 He is still a bit scared of cars (which doesn’t come as a big surprise, since he was hit by one), but his confidence is growing every day. He gets along well with other dogs and is house trained and lead trained. His new family will be very lucky to welcome him to the household.”

So if you’re looking for a happy, fun-loving new best friend, then I am your match. And I can’t wait to light up my new home with my sunny personality.

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