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Meet King Davide

Hello everybody, my name is King Davide (also known as Big Dave) and I am what you call a gentle calm giant. Big in size with a great personality to match, but ever so gentle with both humans and other dogs.

I was rescued by soldiers in Cyprus and they asked the rescue team to take care of me. They gave me the name King Davide, because I love being hand-fed. But if people like to feed me by hand, who am I to say ‘no’?

I’m a big fan of comfy beds and settees, especially if I have the company of my human friends. I might even try to get on your lap. You never know if I turn out to be a great lapdog. If I want a treat or a cuddle, I will gently place my paw on your knee. My foster family, and the vet:) is totally in love with me because I’m so chilled and lovely, a very good boy!

I love playing with other dogs, but I can also play on my own with my toys. My favourite toy at the moment is a squeaky sheep.

Because I was bitten by a sandfly, I got Leishmania. But I have received treatment for it and it is now dormant and under control. Leishmania is controllable and NOT life shortening if monitored correctly, I do need to take inexpensive medication every day of my life to make sure that the disease stays dormant and under control. My rescuers are very knowledgeable on this leishmania disease which is not transmittable and they tell me not to worry at all because with blood tests twice a year to monitor treatment, I will live a long and happy life!

Even though I am very gentle around children, due to my size I would prefer a home with older children. And a garden is also on my wish list.
I have plenty of love to give, the only thing that I am missing at the moment is a forever home where I can start spreading that love.


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