Looks like:



Estimated age:


Hound Cross



3 Years

SH: 63 cm / H: 81 cm / L: 103 cm

About LUNA

House Trained




Prefers home with

Love, play, walks, cuddles


Hello, my name is LUNA💛. I am a cheerful, sweet and beautiful girl of around 3 years old who is looking for her forever home.

So what would be interesting to know about me? I’m probably best known around the shelter for my active and enthusiastic personality. I can’t help it, there’s just so much to see and learn.

I also have a very strong nose, so I guess it’s not surprise that I love to go exploring. I get along well with people and other dogs, but I have to admit that I can be a bit boisterous when meeting someone for the first time. But I know that with the help of my family I can work on this.

I guess I should also tell you a bit more about my past. I was rescued from a kill shelter and about a year ago, I broke one of my back legs for which I needed surgery. But rest assured, I recovered very well from this. Even the vet said that my recovery was remarkable and that is not a word that vets use very often. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then you should see me run around. 😉

(SH: 63 cm / H: 81 cm / L: 103 cm)

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LUNA, 3 years,  Female Cross, SH: 63 cm / H: 81 cm / L: 103 cm,  travels from CYPRUS fully vaccinated with all vet/health/blood tests, neutered, microchipped, EU passport.

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