Looks like:



Estimated age:


Kokoni Cross



7-8 Years



House Trained



See detail below

Prefers home with

Love, loads of cuddles, short walks


Hello everyone, my name is Margot and I am best known for my calm and loving personality.

I’m a very loyal dog towards my human and doggy friends. When you have a place in my heart, you will get my unconditional love. ❤️

Although I get along very well with my doggy friends that I share my kennel with, I do prefer to be an only dog in my forever home. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this.

I was rescued from a very overcrowded kill pound. As you can imagine, there was no time or space for individual attention. And because I am almost 8 years old, I would finally like to experience undivided love and pampering from the people I can call my family.

The helpers here at the shelter all describe me as a very, very cuddly dog (a real cuddle queen!), so I will be expecting lots of quality time and cuddles from my family members. Forewarned is forearmed! 😉

Besides lots of love, joy and excellent cuddle skills, I will also bringing a medical backpack with me to my forever home. I have a mild heart condition that needs to be monitored, but I don’t have to take medication for this. I have also undergone other medical tests which indicate that I have Cushing’s disease. (That also explains my weight gain.) But I am on medication for this disorder, so no need to worry!

Because of my past I have learned to enjoy and appreciate the important things in life: a soft bed, yummy food, … But most of all: a loving family who will shower me with attention and cuddles.

So if you can offer me all of these things, I would love to hear from you! And in the meantime, I’m going to perfect my cuddle skills even further. 😊

You can find more photos and videos of Margot on our Facebook page

♡ MARGOT, 8 year, Female, Kokoni Cross, SH 28 cm / H 39 cm / L 66 cm. Currently in Cyprus, ready to travel to foster/forever home in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, UK ( Fully vaccinated, neutered, with all vet/health/blood tests, microchipped, EU passport.

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