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Adorable cross


Netherlands (Utrecht)

2 Years

Small Medium (SH: 49 cm / H: 62 cm / L: 72 cm)

About POGO

House Trained




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Cuddles and more cuddles, play and walks


Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I am Pogo, an extremely loving, social and active boy of 2 years old.

I currently reside in the Netherlands (Utrecht), but originally I’m from Cyprus. There isn’t much known about my past. Only that I suddenly showed up at a farm and that nobody was looking for me. My caretakers at the shelter were sad to see a sweetheart like me go, but they also wanted the best for me and that is a loving forever home.

So here I am; ready to find a family who not only shares my love for an active lifestyle, but who will also appreciate all the positive qualities I will bring along to my new home. And I don’t want to brag, but it’s quite a list. 😊

  • If I had to describe myself in only a few words, I would say: a dog with a heart of gold.
  • I am very sweet and social towards people and other dogs. Everyone who meets me says how lovable I am.
  • I’m also a real cuddle bunny.
  • One of my favourite activities is going on long nature walks where I can not only put my paws to good use, but also my nose.
  • I walk well on the lead and I’m also house trained. However I still need to learn that not everything in the house is a toy to play with, so I would definitely enjoy some training. I’m a clever boy and can learn fast!

I would really like to find human friends who will take me on all kinds of adventures, but who will also understand that I will need some time to adjust to my new home before I show everyone my beautiful personality. Living in a house is still new to me and I still need to get used to all the different sounds and noises and learn to be confident in everyday situations.

If you can offer me a home like that, then don’t hesitate to reach out!

(SH: 49 cm / H: 62 cm / L: 72 cm)
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