Meet S-pups: Salomi, Sheena, Sofya, Sapo, Spark, Silas


S-pups: Salomi, Sheena, Sofya, Sapo, Spark, Silas

Looks like:



Estimated age:


Small pocket pointer cross



4 months


About S-pups: Salomi, Sheena, Sofya, Sapo, Spark, Silas

House Trained




Prefers home with

Love, cuddles, play, walks (good with other dogs)

Meet S-pups: Salomi, Sheena, Sofya, Sapo, Spark, Silas

Hellooooo!! Are you ready to meet a group of adorable, sweet and happy puppies? Then you have come to the right place! We are Salomi, Sheena, Sofya, Sapo, Spark and Silas.

Our mom Soleil was rescued from a kill shelter when she was highly pregnant. Luckily, she was able to give birth to us in a safe environment.

A few of our siblings have already found a home for themselves and hopefully we will be able to say the same soon. 😊

Because that is our biggest dream: finding a forever home. A home where people will love us and we can love them back. A home where we can go on walks with our new human friends, where we can play games and spend quality time together, …
A home where our human companions will teach us everything we need to know and will have patience with us when we are going through the learning process.

That special place where we will always feel happy and loved.

Although we will continue to stay this charming and loving, we are not going to stay this little. We will probably be around the same size as our mom, whose measurements are as follows: SH 46 cm / H 54 cm / L 75 cm.

We can’t wait to pack our bags and meet our new families!

There are more photos and videos of our rescue dogs on our Facebook page.

♡ S-pups: Salomi (Girl, Black with white chest), Sheena (Girl, Black with brown face), Sofya (Girl, Brown with black marks), Sapo (Boy, Black), Spark (Boy, Black with brown snout) and Silas (Boy, Black, in foster in Belgium). Born December 2023. Small Pocket Pointer Cross. Currently in Cyprus, ready to travel to foster/forever home in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, UK ( Fully vaccinated, neutered, with all vet/health/blood tests, microchipped, EU passport.


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