Meet Sabello and Santino


Sabello and Santino

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7 & 7.8 YEARS


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Meet Sabello and Santino

🌈Adopted / Geadopteerd / Adopté 🏡💛
❤️Thank you for sharing our adoption dogs, it makes all the difference ❤️
🌟Bedankt onze adoptiehonden te delen, dat maakt het hele verschil.
🐶 Merci de partager nos chiens d’adoption, ça fait toute la différence.

The motto at WOOF project is to portray adoption dogs as the heroes that they are, and not to focus mainly on their sad, often horrible past. Like humans, they only want love and admiration, not pity and absolutely not to be portrayed as damaged goods.
But I do want to highlight that despite their horrible past – in the smallest of shared cages for most of their 7 years – these 2 superheroes survived together and are absolutely wonderful, loving, gentle, happy, well behaved, easy going dogs ready to be the best buddies for any person/family.
It’s going to take some special magic and lots of sharing & caring to finally find a loving home for these boys – we don’t want to separate them as they have been each other’s support pillars through all the difficult times. C’mon lets home them…please ❤️❤️

Hi, we are Sabello and Santino, two happy, loving, easy-going dogs.

Our caregivers only have positive things to say about us: ‘Sabello and Santino are both absolutely lovely dogs, who behave very well. They are good with walking on the lead and have no problem traveling in the car. They don’t mess in their kennels. Not only do they love the company of people, but they are also very friendly with other dogs. What’s not to love about them?’

Because of our shared past, we have built a very strong, special bond with each other that cannot be broken. That’s why we are looking for our forever home together. Separating us (even for a short time) will not make us happy, quite the opposite.
We have shared a very sad & hard past, where we had to support each other through difficult times and now we are looking forward to sharing the good times together with new human friends in a loving home.

We will make wonderful family companions, we love children and would love a home with love and kindness.
But no cats please 😊

Are the two of us going to find that forever home with you?


Hello! Welcome to our family.
We love sharing our good news with you,