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Husky Cross



18 months

Medium Large

About SNOW

House Trained




Prefers home with

Love, cuddles, walks, play


Hi there, I am Snow, an amazing dog who will make a great addition to an active family. But what exactly makes me so amazing?

First, there is my happy, loving and social personality. People or dogs, I get along well with all of them. I will also never say ‘no’ to cuddles and I absolutely love spending time with my human friends, especially when we can go on all kinds of adventures and be outdoors. Although I adore people of all ages, because of my size, I do prefer a home with older children. 

My size was probably the reason why I was abandoned. When I was no longer a cute little puppy, I wasn’t wanted anymore. I know I’m not little anymore, but I’m still cute with my white fur and special eyes (one blue and one brown). Another plus. 😉

I’m very smart and … I love food, so teaching me new things is very easy. Also because I just love to learn new things. I’m the kind of dog who needs mental stimulation as well as an active lifestyle. I still need some extra training to walk nicely on the lead, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for a good student like me. 😊

So if you can offer me active lifestyle combined with plenty of cuddles, I would love to hear from you!

There are more photos and videos of our rescue dogs on our Facebook page. 

SNOW, 18 Months, Male, Husky Cross, SH: 57 cm / H: 71 cm / L: 79 cm, travels from CYPRUS fully vaccinated with all vet/health/blood tests, neutered, microchipped, EU passport.

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