White with black & brown spots




Cyprus in foster

Estimated age:

7 months


Indoor & outdoor

About YUKI

Litter Trained



Good with slightly impaired vision in left eye


Family that will give her time & space to blossom (would love another kitty in the home)


Hi, I am Yuki, an adorable kitten of about 7 months. I am a little gem hiding under long white fur with some cute black spots and beautiful green eyes. I was found by my foster mum when I was six weeks old, on my own and not in good health. My foster mum has taken good care of me and she introduced me to her cats and dogs, which I now call my friends. I love to cuddle and sleep with the other cats. I am still a bit anxious and unsure of humans though. I do like to watch what my foster mum is doing, but I am scared to be touched. Growing up in the streets is not easy and it will take me a bit longer to start enjoying close human contact.

If I were allowed to describe my ideal home, then I would say that I am looking for a place where someone is willing to give me the time I need to build trust, someone who is patient and loves me for who I am. In short, I am looking for someone very special who is willing to go on this journey with me. I am sure we will have lots of fun together and will be perfect travel companions.

♡ Yuki, 7 months, is fully vaccinated, neutered, dewormed and microchipped and has an EU pet passport. Her blood tested negative for FIV/FELV, parvo, corona and giardia. She is still in Cyprus and she is looking for a home in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Germany.

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