Well, that’s definitely true for the WOOF volunteer team, and I humbly include myself in this ode!

We often say that it takes a very special person to volunteer their time and work for free. I don’t agree. I think most people love to do good and be part of something great. But it does take a very special person to work long hours and commit their time and talents on a continued basis, without fail, even when time and resources are limited – now that’s special – and that’s what we have in the WOOF Team – unfailing continued support, love and teamwork…superheroes! Yes, I’ll take a high five for that!

Every function at WOOF Project is done on voluntary basis from managing the project, to promotion of our adoption dogs and our positive message, to admin, accounts, translations, events, and now even a fabulous creative team busy creating beautiful doggie toys, jackets, bowls and other quality items from mostly recycled material…soon to be added to our website…handmade with love in Belgium, 100% going to our cause to save animals and spread our positive message of adoption. Cool, right!

A very special mention here to the incredible team of rescue volunteers in Cyprus working in very difficult conditions; the brave and loving fosters who help keep our rescue dogs out of shelters where possible. And yes, the volunteers at shelters….brave, hard, wonderful labour of love
I love being part of such a dynamic team! And don’t think because its volunteer work that less time and quality go into our work – oh no, passion and love are the best motivators!

There are moments that one feels overwhelmed by the number of dogs that needs saving. And some of what we see…. it’s hard to deal with. You need a loving unfailing team to help carry this physical and emotional load.

I’m so proud of what we are achieving at WOOF Project, and so very grateful for the people that are making it possible. Let’s home them all.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela.

And the more the merrier. The more we can spread the workload and the love and support.

If you have a passion for animals, working in a team and providing a professional and loving service to our dog and adoption heroes, then what are you waiting for? Join us, we would love to have you!

Hello! Welcome to our family.
We love sharing our good news with you,