What we do

WOOF Project is the adoption initiative by Jabulani’s Sanctuary VZW, a small non profit volunteer organisation in Belgium. Born to inspire dog adoption and save lives by finding loving homes.

Our dog heroes are from EU countries such as Cyprus where dogs do not have sufficient animal welfare protection and rights as in Belgium where the majority of our adoption heroes are located.


WOOF Project was officially launched in 2017 in South Africa and in a short period of
time has become one of the most successful dog adoption initiatives; accelerating dog
adoption through positive awareness creation.


Millions of dogs enter shelters every year. For every ten that enter in, only one will make
it out. The problem is not the lack of good homes – or exceptional dogs but rather the
negative perceptions associated with shelters and rescue dogs.

Together we can achieve so much more. We work with and support incredible
organizations that rescue street dogs, give them shelter, love and protection and
together we find loving forever homes.

With your support we can make a difference, change the status quo, save lives!
Let’s home them all!