Looks like:



Estimated age:


Hound Cross



4 years



House Trained




Prefers home with

Love, cuddles, walks and play (good with other dogs)


Hello everyone, Martin here! Did you know that the name Martin is associated with a variety of personality traits, such as intelligence, kindness, optimism, charm, cheerfulness, being social …? So it seems that I got the perfect name. 😊

They did forget to add ‘handsome’ to the list. I know, it’s not a personality trait, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. 😉

What else should you know about me? I loooove yummy food and treats. (So this means it will be easy to teach me new things.)

Here at the shelter I am known as a very sweet and social boy. I get along well with everyone I meet, humans and dogs and I enjoy their company.

I was rescued from a kill shelter, where social interactions weren’t exactly high on the priority list. That definitely wasn’t the happiest chapter in my life.

But if ending up there wasn’t bad enough luck, I was also bitten by a sandfly and got leishmania for which I received treatment and it is now dormant and under control. Leishmania is controllable and NOT life shortening if monitored correctly, I do need to take inexpensive medication to make sure that the disease stays dormant and under control. My rescuers are very knowledgeable on this leishmania disease which is not transmittable and they tell me not to worry at all because with blood tests twice a year to monitor treatment, I will live a long and happy life! A life that I would like to spend in the wonderful company of loving human and doggy friends.

So if you see the perfect four-legged companion in me, I would love to hear from you!

You can find more photos and videos of Martin on our Facebook page (click here)

♡ MARTIN, 4 years, Male, Hound Cross, SH: 55 cm / H: 69 cm / L: 80 cm. Currently in Cyprus, ready to travel to foster/forever home in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, UK ( Fully vaccinated, neutered, with all vet/health/blood tests, microchipped, EU passport.

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