Let’s say and mean these words, to ourselves, to every being…especially those with any type of perceived hardship.

People with an impoverished background, a disability, being adopted, do not seek your pity, or to be treated differently because of these perceived difficulties. All they ask is your love and respect. Animals are no different. In fact, they are extremely sensitive to human energy; they sense fear, sadness, pity…love, joy.

So why then do rescue agencies use sad stories and even sadder images when promoting dogs for adoption?

Generally speaking, the sadder the story, the quicker an animal is adopted. I get this. We need to save animals and get them adopted and into loving homes as quickly as possible. But the problem with this is that if we only focus on the negative, on the pity factor, we continue to fuel the misconception that all shelter dogs are damaged. Like humans, our past builds character, but it doesn’t define us. Dogs are very resilient; they live in the moment; even the worst mistreatment can be healed with a little patience and love.

And the fact of the matter is that the majority of dogs in shelters are happy healthy fun-loving bundles of joy; ready to share that joy.

It’s time that we change the status quo. Let’s focus on the positive and show these shelter animals for the amazing companions they will be. This is the mission of WOOF Project. Will you be part of our positive movement?


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